July 31, 2017

Speaking Engagements

Do you need a speaker/keynote presenter for your next event?


HIRE Karin!


YOU will get a professional who delivers speeches in:

– an enthusiastic
– professional
– motivating
– enriching
– confident
– captivating way.

speaking engagements

I’m also a Master in storytelling, always eager to share lots of tips and my personal experiences.

I delivered speeches in the UK and India so far on the following topics:

– “Job Search via Social Media: A curse or a blessing?”,
– “Soft Skills: Do they really matter?”,
– “Soft Skills for Kids”,
– “German Business Etiquette: Top 10 Tips”.

speaking engagements


If you would like to book me in the UK, please get in touch: karin@hirekarin.com. Thanks.