eLearning Course: German for Travelers


Learn how to speak German confidently in various day-to-day situations.

Learn German from the comfort of your home and enrol in my eLearning course on Udemy.
Who is the target audience?
  • Tourists who want to visit Germany
  • Language Students at beginner level
  • People who are planning to go to Germany to live, study or/and work
  • Everyone who wants to learn a new language the easy way
What will YOU learn?
  • By the end of the course you will be able to express yourself and understand other people easily in various practical day-to-day situations.
  • If you decide to embark on more advanced courses later on, I will provide you with 19 ideas on how you can improve your German language skills.
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The content of this course includes:

– In what countries is German spoken worldwide

– 13 Reasons to learn German

– 19 Strategies to improve your German

– Basic Grammar

– Conversational German for day to day situations:

* Greetings

* Talk

* Changing Money

* Spending Money

* Airport

* Customs and Passports

* Asking for directions

* Bus

* Underground

* Train

* Taxi

* Boat

* Driving a car

* At the petrol station

* Car problems/Breakdown

* Hiring a car

* Shopping – Holiday

* Clothes Shopping

* Food Shopping

* Sightseeing

* Beach

* Sport

* Skiing

* Nightlife

* Hotel

* Self Catering

* Camping & Caravaning

* Children

* Special Needs

* Exchange Visitors

* Problems

* Complaints

* Emergencies

* Health

* Business

* On the Phone

* Email/Fax

* Numbers

* Days & Months

* Time

* Eating out

* Ordering Drinks

* Ordering Food

* Special requirements

There are 55 video sessions. You will learn how to write and speak/pronounce certain phrases in German. I also provide the English translation to everything. You will hear the German parts twice and the English parts once, that will help you to remember it easier.

The duration of the course is 3 hours.

An additional benefit of this course is that you will also get to know how different things work in Germany.






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