July 12, 2018

That’s Me

10 Interesting Things you should know about me

Karin Schroeck-Singh




# 1 – “Where are you from?” is usually the most frequently asked question when people meet me. From my accent they usually can’t figure it out precisely. Let me answer this question in a nutshell: “From a trilingual area called South-Tyrol (Suedtirol) in Northern Italy where people speak Italian, German and Ladin.



# 2 – I was born in Austria in 1971. I was raised in Italy where I spent 31 years, lived for one year in Austria, spent 2 1/2 years in India and 12 years in the UK. However, my ultimate dream would be to live in the USA (Florida, California or New York).




# 3 – I consider myself as a global citizen: hard-working like the Japanese, creative like the Americans, punctual like the Swiss, family-oriented like the Italians, emotional like the Indians, diligent like the Polish, polite like the British, reliable and precise like the Germans.




# 4 – I love cats, but if I were an animal I would be an OCTOPUS. Its 8 tentacles would represent my 8 main skills: 1) Communication/Presentation Skills,  2) Coaching/Training Skills, 3) Organisational Skills, 4) Creative Thinking Skills, 5) Networking Skills, 6) Marketing and Recruitment Skills, 7) Foreign Language Skills (German, English, Italian, little French) and 8) IT Skills.



# 5 – What makes me happy? Spending quality time with my family (Indian husband and 9 year old daughter), learning a new skill and extending my knowledge, doing a job that excites me, finding bargains, travelling to new places, surprising people in unexpected moments with things or actions that I know exactly they are going to love!




# 6 – My most favourite hobby? LEARNING new skills or specific knowledge in all its different forms by reading books (biographies, self development, career and business books) but NEVER novels because I think that I would not learn anything from it; networking online and offline; enrolling in training courses; watching videos and podcasts.



# 7 – At the age of 13, teachers advised me to choose an artisan job. I’m proud to say that I ignored that advice. The book “What they don’t teach you at Harvard Business School” written by Mark McCormack inspired me so much, that at the age of 28 I decided to enroll in a Business Administration course at the University of Innsbruck (Austria). An MBA at the University of Leicester (UK) followed soon afterwards. Surely an experience that had an impact on my life and career. I appreciated the opportunity of being exposed to a much more global world.



# 8 – I don’t just love reading other peoples’ books but also writing my own ones. In the past I’ve published the following: “20 Book Ideas for Etiquette Professionals”, “How to strengthen the bond with your child”, “100 Tips – Business Meeting Etiquette”, “200 Etiquette Quotes”, “Worte die befluegeln-222 Ideen andere zu loben”, “How I got my first 1000 Twitter Followers in 44 days”, “44 Tips for a successful Video Interview”. The best one has still to come. It talks about my personal 1000 Life Lessons that I learnt in my life.



speaking engagements# 9 – I had 14 jobs in 22 years in 3 countries. I was a Post Clerk, Office Manager, Multilingual Executive Assistant, Recruiter, Market Researcher, German and English Teacher, Business Lecturer, Soft Skills+Business Etiquette Trainer, Operations Manager, Career Blogger, Employability Coach, Online Content Manager and German Translator. In hindsight, I can say that it was a great enriching experience which allowed me to enlarge my network, to acquire so many different skills (hard and soft skills) and to get insights into several industries and sectors.



# 10 – As a child I grew up in a very sportive family. I had the privilege to participate in so many different sports in my life at an early age. To be precise, from classical ballet (the most gracious sport, being inspired by my mother) to off-road motorbike racing (the riskier sport, being inspired by my father). In between there were other 11, summer as well as winter sports, that I took part in, some of them on a competitive level. Sports has taught me many lessons. It helped me to become a more ambitious, persistent, determined, strategic thinking, driven and successful person.