July 31, 2017


Are you looking for a translator for different types of content in English and German? Then you are at the right place!



Language pairs that I can translate your content in:

English –> German
German –> English


My specialization lies in business-related content. 

  • Business correspondence
  • Business contracts
  • Business websites
  • Marketing material
  • HR-related content
  • Teaching material
  • Corporate PowerPoint presentations


However, in the past I have also translated the following types of content: 

  • Websites (inclusive of product descriptions)
  • Career documents (CVs/resumes, cover letters)
  • Technical manuals (automotive industry)
  • corporate internal guidelines (Health & Safety manuals)


Your Benefits:

I will be able to provide YOU with a translation which is:

* accurate
* human (no machine/software!)
* quick (and delivered within the agreed deadline)

I translate not only the words but also the natural meaning to preserve the originality of your text.

Feel free to ask for a portfolio with sample texts and translations.


My Prices:

Prices can vary, depending on whether the text is general, specialised or requires proofreading/editing. Other  factors that could increase the price are the file format, the delivery date, the purpose and “out of hours” work.

The cost of a translation is generally calculated based on the number of words in the source text.

My basic fee for general translation from English into German/German into English is $ 0.03 per word.

500 word translation: $ 15.00
1,000 word translation:  $ 30.00
10,000 word translation: $ 300.00

Please get in touch in order to get a final quote for your particular translation requirements.


Time of delivery: depends on the word count. My clients always appreciate my quick (and accurate) service. Usually I can translate a maximum of 2,000 words per day.


IMPORTANT: Please contact me before placing your order, so that we can discuss all the details and I can fully meet your expectations. The more information you provide, the better. Please share the following:

  • The file/link that needs to be translated.
  • The language pair that you need (source language/target language).
  • The total amount of words (if the source text you provide is not a word document).
  • The expected deadline.
  • Any particular words that you do not wish to be translated (and thus should remain in their original version).
  • Any other relevant information that you might consider as useful.

Thanks, I appreciate.


Payment: occurs via PayPal. Thanks.

Let the fun begin and order my gig (karin@hirekarin.com)

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