Do jobseekers need a personal website? 7 Professionals reveal

Times have gone in which jobseekers have only a CV on paper to show off their skills, experiences, qualifications, education, achievements, hobbies, networks etc. Many smart professionals nowadays embrace the power of personal branding, social media and the opportunity to have their own website. The question is: Have we reached a level in which jobseekers need a personal website in order to land a job?


Do jobseekers need a personal website to land a job? 

A recent study from and .ME Registry has shown that 42 % of people say that they have struggled or even failed in establishing their own personal website, considering that it’s so time consuming. Having your own website helps you to be found more easily, will impress Hiring Managers and give you the opportunity to store your achievements in the long term. The survey revealed some interesting facts:

  • 71 % said it is very important or important in building your personal brand
  • 70 % believe that employers are checking out their online brand before inviting them to an interview
  • 61 % said they received a job offer because of their personal blog! Not just that, it also offers the benefit of  professional recognition and networking opportunities.


Find out what other 7 Global Professionals have to say when it comes to the question “Do jobseekers need a personal website to land a job?”. Thank you very much to everyone for sharing their views, I really, really appreciate!! Dear reader, if you could share your own personal comment at the end would be great, too!


Fernando Vilas Fernando Vilas, CEO at, Germany

As a professional in the recruitment area, I consider having a website not as a “must” for jobseekers. However, it might help, depending on the job and the company that candidates are applying to. If an SEO expert is applying for a job as Marketing Manager, having a website that is perfectly optimized for SEO will help him/her to get this job. The website will talk by itself. Besides, I’m convinced that when applying to a job in a startup it would help to own and manage a website. However, when working in a traditional corporation it would make a small difference.

Qasim MajidQasim Majid, CEO at Kingdom 

The simple answer is NO. Social media, especially LinkedIn, and individuality has now surpassed the importance having a website/online portfolio.

The employment-orientated network of LinkedIn is now a first port of call for many employers and recruitment agencies which is why a professional, up to date profile is a necessity.

However, be wary of what you post online as controversial or provocative content will not fare well when background checks are conducted.

Separating yourself from the crowd is also crucial e.g. thinking outside the box and creating video content for a creative role will show initiative, capability and drive.


Himani Kankaria Himani Kankaria, Senior Marketing Executive,, India 

A thought-provoking question. I would say YES. Every skill, talent, knowledge & experience of a job seeker cannot fit into a few pages of resume. Nowadays, interviewers are keen to get complete information of the interviewee before he/she turns up for an interview and this is easy with search engines.
Having a personal website will speak more about the personality and dedication towards one’s career. It surely leaves a remarkable impression among the interviewers! The best part is, the chances of being selected for a high-paying top job increases, as not all job seekers have their websites.

joel villars Joel L. Villars,, USA 

Candidates do not need a website in order to get a great job. Plenty of people have gotten great jobs without a website, or even a social media presence. Can a well designed website, with great copy writing and strategically placed calls to action help a person’s candidacy? Absolutely!
I believe that having a website can set a candidate apart from the crowd, mainly because most people simply don’t have one. As a student of marketing and copy writing, I feel it can be a huge leverage point for anyone to showcase themselves. Do you need it? No. Can it help, YES!

Courtney M., IT Graduate, USA

Do jobseekers need a personal website? Of course not. But does it ever hurt? No. Well, unless you’re posting inappropriate content. This is especially helpful to people in the IT field, but it can benefit about anyone.

* Culinary student? Take photos of the food you make in class and post the photos online. Give recipe tips, etc.

* Hair stylist? Post photos of hairstyles you’re particularly proud of. This could be especially helpful if you think you might want to open your own salon one day. It could also help clients to find you.

* Are you a teacher? Maybe try posting ideas for lesson plans or write book reviews relating to your field. And regardless of what you do professionally, you can always blog about it or write/record tutorials. This shows future employers that you are competent and keep up with your field. Include the site on your LinkedIn and/or resume. For those with little to no design or development experience, it doesn’t have to be complicated. You can even use a free WordPress account and they’ll take care of everything for you. Just find a free theme, read some tutorials about getting started if you need to, and you’ll be good to go!


cathrin eggersCathrin Eggers, Career Coach,, Germany

Storytelling is on everyone’s mind – no surprise! Stories are as old as mankind because they bring information to life so that everyone understands. When one fights a dragon, it is clear that he is brave. In the same way, an own website can show your own skills in the application process.
Do jobseekers need to have a personal website? No! Many social media managers do not even have a Twitter account and still have a job. Does a website increase the chances of a new job in the desired area? If you can defeat your own dragon, the odds are not bad.


Karin Schroeck-SinghKarin Schroeck-Singh, Freelancer at, United Kingdom

Do jobseekers need a personal website in order to land a job? If you have your own website which is well designed, SEO optimized, shows your career background, expertise and also includes testimonials YOU have a secret weapon, no doubt!

Many professionals have their profile on LinkedIn, but do you want to STAND OUT or follow what everyone else does already? Fact is, more and more companies are popping up who are trying to help individuals to create a positive online presence which takes a more creative and personalized approach.

It’s all about personal branding and this trend is only going to increase in the future. Currently you don’t need to have a website to land a job, but I predict that in the future having your own website (apart from your social media accounts) will become standard, regardless of the industry you are working in. Doing it in an impressive way is the key to success! Time will tell…..


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