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My Foreign Language Skills

I feel privileged to be multilingual. I speak German, English and Italian fluently, little French and Hindi too. I can help you to meet your translation needs in German and English. I also have a very good understanding of different cultures having lived, studied, worked and travelled in many different places around the globe.

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My Business Qualifications

I studied Business Administration at the University of Innsbruck (Austria) and gained my MBA at the University of Leicester (UK) in 2004. The topic of my dissertation was “Recommendation Marketing: The creation of a Word-of-Mouth Marketing Strategy”. I gained further marketing-related qualifications in Online Marketing and Social Media and HR-related certifications in the recruitment and career coaching field.

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My international Work Experience

I gained 22 years of relevant work experience in various roles and industries in 3 countries: Italy, UK and India. I was able to use my language skills in so many different jobs (as a Translator, Language Teacher and Soft Skills Trainer/Public Speaker, Recruiter, Market Researcher, Multilingual Personal Assistant, CEO, Content Manager and Marketeer).

My Multicultural background

I have a very good understanding of different cultures having lived, studied, worked and travelled in many different places around the globe. I was born in Austria, grew up in North-Italy, spend more than 12 years in the UK and 2,5 years in India and got married to an Indian. Raising a multilingual child is another challenge I enjoy.

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My Self-Motivation

I have a keen interest in foreign languages, different cultures and international etiquette. My work ethic can – without a doubt – be described as second to none. Also in my spare time I enjoy keeping myself up-to-date with the latest trends in the translation industry. I love what I do and don’t hesitate to go the extra mile.

My Reliability

I work accurately and reliably. Due to my effective time management skills and strong work ethic, I was ALWAYS able to meet given deadlines for various projects (yes, also on weekends and bank holidays!). My clients very often not only appreciate my high-quality services, but also the speed in which I’m able to deliver.

My Listening Skills

I listen attentively to my clients’ needs and instructions. If during the process questions arise, I don’t hesitate to ask. Because that input allows me to offer my clients always a tailor made solution to their specific needs. I consider my clients’ success as my first priority.

My Clients’ reviews

More than 250+ clients from different countries and industries trusted me with their dilemmas so far. Providing them with high-quality translations and excellent customer service is something I’m really good at. It’s my clients’ excellent feedback that speaks for itself!

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Some German matters

Did you know that ...?
  • ... English and German have a lot of words that are similar in both languages? However, what might sound and look the same, might have totally different meanings. An example: The German word "Gift", means "poison" in English, but in English it stands for "present/gift".

  • ... there are some words in German that don't exist in English. An example? "Schadenfreude" - it describes the happiness derived from somebody else's injury, pain or misfortune.

  • ... German is the most spoken native language in the European Union? Besides Germany, German is also the official language of Austria and Liechtenstein, and one of the official languages in Switzerland, Luxembourg and South Tyrol (Italy).

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Does your content need to be translated into English or German? HIRE KARIN and YOU will get an accurate, quick and human (no machine!) translation of your text. Speciality: business-related content. In the past I have translated: website content, career documents, business contracts, product descriptions, technical manuals, language course material and general correspondence. More details …

Public Speaking

Do you need a speaker/keynote presenter for your next event? HIRE Karin and YOU will get a professional who delivers speeches in an enthusiastic, professional, motivating, enriching, confident and captivating way. I’m a Master in storytelling, always eager to share lots of tips and my personal experiences. I delivered speeches in the UK and India so far. Topic “German Business Etiquette and Culture” More details …

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